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Diverse Clinical Research

GreenMCMeds’ (GMCM) primary goals are to eliminate disparities in clinical research. We are also committed to a continuous expansion of our network of physicians, to offer the experienced as well as the inexperienced physician an opportunity to develop, enhance, and support clinical trials within their private practice.

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Genetic TestingPersonalized Preventative Medicine

Through advanced services, GMCM provides Personalized Medication Assessment, Preventative Cardiovascular Disease Screening, and Preventative Cancer/Disease Screenings. A simple non-invasive cheek swab/rinse sets the standard for physicians and healthcare providers to treat the patients to whom we serve.

Clinic & Hospital

Holistic Health

Our Patient Medical Tracking System (PMTS) and Quality Assurance (QA) Program allow GMCM to retrieve and analyze patient information with integrity. These programs enhance the ongoing evaluation, development, planning and implementation of standardized care for the medical industry.

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Ancillary Services

In addition to Genetic Services, GMCM offers the following turn-key services: Clinical Research, Genetic Testing, Toxicology, Blood Wellness Labs, Allergy Screening/Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sleep Apnea Therapy, NCV/EMG, Ultrasound, Weight Loss, and UTI DNA Testing.

Clinic & Hospital

Personalized Preventative Medicine through Genetics

Personalized Medication Metabolism Test

Personalized Medication Assessment

GMCM provides Pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) to assist in reducing trial and error, side effects, adverse reactions, and perfecting dosage. With PGx testing, we can personalize patient’s medications by identifying which medications will work best and which to avoid.

Preventative Cancer Screening

Preventative Cancer Screening

Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), GMCM provides preventative cancer testing via a non-invasive mouth rinse to identify genetic markers putting patients at a higher risk for hereditary cancers.

Preventative Disease Screening

Preventative Disease Screening

While utilizing NGS, GMCM assists physicians in providing a genetic carrier test done with a non-invasive mouth rinse to prevent inherited diseases from being passed from parent to child.

Cardiovascular Disease Screening

Cardiovascular Disease Screening

A non-invasive genetic test that detects mutations responsible for monogenic diseases of early atherosclerosis. This panel identifies genes which affect the plasma levels of lipids (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) and blood sugar.

Ancillary Services

  • Allergy Screening/Therapy

    Allergy Screening/Therapy

    Specializing in setting up fully operational allergy testing and therapy labs in existing medical practices.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Treatment in which decreasing hormones that were originally supplied by the body in sufficient amounts are supplemented with hormones taken orally or through other means.

  • Sleep Apnea Therapy

    Sleep Apnea Therapy

    Home sleep test diagnoses sleep apnea disorder in the patient’s home environment.

  • Weight Loss Management Program

    Weight Loss Management Program

    Comprehensive, patient-customized, medically supervised weight management program.

  • Nerve Conduction (NCV) + EMG

    Nerve Conduction (NCV) + EMG

    Safe test used to diagnose problems related to nerves, muscles, spinal cord and brain.

  • Ultrasound


    Simple and non-invasive body scan to rule out cardiovascular, abdominal, thyroid, and reproductive disease.

  • Blood Wellness Lab

    Blood Wellness Lab

    Blood screening provides a comprehensive evaluation of a general health status for patients. A food allergy blood draw is an option that can measure patient’s immune system’s response to particular foods by checking the amount of allergy-type antibodies in their bloodstream.

  • Toxicology


    A simple urine toxicology test protects the well being of patients, practices and physicians.

  • In-Office Dispensing

    In-Office Dispensing

    The Physician Dispensing Program will produce additional office revenue to help cover physician’s cost of operation. The program is a natural extension of your medical practice as a physician provider of personal care. Many medical facilities today offer additional services to provide their patients with all the care possible from one location.

We Engage with You

Education & Research

GreenMCMeds will educate patients, physicians, community and industry leaders on personalized preventative services and holistic health.

Personalized Preventative Medicine

A DNA sample is taken in the physician’s office using mouthwash or a cheek swab, which is sent to a GMCM partnered lab to provide results that will help prevent cancer and disease and personalize patient’s medicine.

Holistic Health

Our Patient Medical Tracking System (PMTS) and Quality Assurance (QA) Program allow GMCM to retrieve and analyze patient information with integrity. These programs will assist the physician in bettering the patient’s Quality of Life (QOL) focusing on mind, body and soul while offering personalized preventative care.

Improving Patient Care

Our objective is to provide innovational tools to assist physicians in enhancing patient care with personalized preventative and ancillary services while educating the patient to PROMOTE BETTER HEALTHCARE OUTCOMES.

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DISCLAIMER: GreenMCMeds does not partake in cultivation or dispensing of cannabis in no way, shape, or form, nor are we affiliated with any dispensaries or cultivation sites.


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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Mon Chéri inspired us in her battle with brain cancer. Her fight helped us think differently about disease, prescription drugs and how knowledge is the key to prevention and treatment.



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