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GreenMCMeds (GMCM) research is a full-service, clinical research company that drives and accelerates enrollment for U.S. and global clinical studies. We provide comprehensive services for conducting clinical research studies for geneticists, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer healthcare and medical device companies in a range of therapeutic areas.

GreenMCMeds is located in a private practice in downtown Chicago, Illinois with over 30 years of combined experience in clinical research. Our staff has conducted phase II-IV clinical trials in the following specialty areas::
  • Internal Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Urology
  • Women’s Health
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Health Outcomes
  • Audiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Dermatology
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Psychiatry
  • Pain Management
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genetics
  • Infectious Disease

Currently, our network has expanded our database to over 10,000 physicians. GMCM is culturally competent and maintains the highest ethical standards adhering to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) throughout the drug development process. Sensitivity to diverse, social, religious and cultural beliefs has allowed GMCM to overcome the many challenges of diverse recruitment.

GMCM primary goals are to eliminate disparities in clinical research. Committed to a continuous expansion of the network of physicians, to offer the experienced as well as the inexperienced investigators an opportunity to develop, enhance, and support clinical trials within their practice.

SHOP Program

GreenMCMeds developed the Strategic Holistic Ongoing Partnership (SHOP) Program due to our commitment to the development and maintenance of a healthy community. This community outreach program identifies health needs and provides ongoing education and training to the healthcare professional as well as the community at large. SHOP Provides:

Regulatory Guidelines


Financial Tracking (Contract/Budget Negotiations)

GMCM embraces the importance of diversity in clinical research, while enhancing the quality of life for all populations who benefit from personalized medicine and/or traditional medicine. Conducting evidence-based studies that yield quality data, GMCM ultimately provides the physician and any healthcare organization with a comprehensive research plan for their patients.

Conducting evidence-based studies that yield quality data, which ultimately provide the physician and any healthcare organization with a comprehensive research plan for their patients. GMCM embraces the importance of diversity in clinical research, while enhancing the quality of life for all populations who benefit from personalized medicine and/or traditional medicine.

GMCM Recruitment and Management Process Benefits:
  • Reduces Patient Enrollment Timelines
  • Reduces Total Study Timelines
  • Exceeds Sponsor Expectations
  • Saves Sponsors Valuable Time and Money

The advancement of personalized preventative care is at the heart of clinical research. GMCM research is further supported by various marketing strategies that promote the collection of quality data and the development of a patient-centered software.

GreenMCMeds’ Focal:
  • Disease-Specific
  • Tracking of Demographic
  • Medical History
  • Concomitant Medication
  • Conventional Response to the Therapy
  • Dose Titration and Maintenance
  • Adverse Event Tracking
  • Development of Standard of Care
  • Patient Follow-Up

Personalized Medical Tracking System (PMTS)/Quality Assurance (QA) Program

GMCM is committed to scientific integrity, patient support services, education and mentoring of experienced and inexperienced medical staff while collecting quality patient data through a Personalized Medical Tracking System (PMTS) and Quality Assurance (QA) Program. Collectively, these tools will aid the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of standard of care for all subjects receiving personalized medicine.

Used to track every individual patient

  • Personalized Treatment Services and Outcomes
Overall Wellness Monitoring

  • Goal is to aid in bettering the patient’s health and overall wellness
Research and Education is Key

  • Provides intellectual value for an excellent educational platform
Collection of Scientific Data

  • Allows a continued path of establishing standard of care that would enhance one’s quality of life
Scientific Legitimacy

  • Yielding data that is of the highest integrity
Extensive experience in Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

  • Allows implementation of real time data entry, thus maintaining the quality of data collected.

QA Program

Allows the research department to implement strategies and processes that adheres to compliant behavior in the following areas:

  • Documentation
  • Record Keeping
  • Informed Consent Process
  • Investigator Oversight
  • Regulatory Guidelines
  • Education

History of GMCM Research

GMCM has developed and implemented a diverse physician network, whereby the company has recruited, educated, trained and provided a clinical research infrastructure to physicians in various private practice specialties.

Decades of scientific advancement have dramatically improved patient care and treatment. Genetic studies enhanced the physician’s ability to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. GMCM is among one of the first clinical research companies that made personalized preventative medicine a cornerstone.

Personalized preventative genetic services and holistic educational resources of GreenMCMeds complemented the hospitals' and clinics’ resources and stimulated growth in global clinical research. Today, the development of new procedures, technologies, as well as fundamental research, continue to be an integral part of GMCM’ mission of excellence in patient care.

Today, with shorter and more intensive hospital/clinic visits and a shift to outpatient care, it’s even more important to provide programs and services for personalizing and prevention to treat the whole patient through education that they expect and need for participation in their personalized care.

GreenMCMeds Welcomes YOU the Physician

At the timing of your convenience, GreenMCMeds welcomes the opportunity to further discuss and explore how to best assist the evolving personalized and preventative healthcare industry in our healthcare communities utilizing clinical research with your support. A partnership with GMCM commitment, passion, sensitivity, skills and expertise creates a unique opportunity to perfect this medicine for our patients to whom we serve.

DISCLAIMER: GreenMCMeds does not partake in cultivation or dispensing of cannabis in no way, shape, or form, nor are we affiliated with any dispensaries or cultivation sites.


“Your Health, Our Passion!”

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Mon Chéri inspired us in her battle with brain cancer. Her fight helped us think differently about disease, prescription drugs and how knowledge is the key to prevention and treatment.



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